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Ruth Potts: I think we now need utopian thinking more than ever

This interview with lecturer and author Ruth Potts is really great. She has some great thoughts on utopia and utopian thinking, which resonate with my own thinking quite well:

The mistake people often make with utopia is to see it as a destination, a fixed end point. Instead, utopia is the process of first imagining, and then believing that we can organise the world differently, which empowers us to take steps towards it.

I’ve found that my own political thought has become a lot more utopian in recent months, and very much in this sense.

I don’t think we’ll ever achieve utopia. If we view utopia as a concrete destination, it’s impossible. But as a dream to strive toward, something forever out of reach but which inspires us to continually experiment with new ways to be free and make the world a better place for as many people as possible, it is incredibly valuable.

The full interview is lengthy, but worth a read. It spans topics like decentralization of industry and economy, “new materialism” and a lot of other anarchist and communalist ideas that are reminiscent of Pyotr Kropotkin and Murray Bookchin, as well as more recent thinkers like Kevin A. Carson.

Read the entire interview: “Utopia is all around us” – Red Pepper