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Which national newspaper should I subscribe to?

A newspaper crossword with glasses and a pen.
The weekend newspaper.

In this so-called “post-truth” world, quality journalism is more important than ever. I want to support good journalism by paying for a newspaper subscription. I’ve been a weekend-only subscriber to the Globe and Mail for a while now, but I’m becoming more and more frustrated with the paper’s elitism and focus on the Upper Canada one per cent.

While the Globe has some solid journalism and very interesting feature-length pieces in the weekend paper, it’s becoming more and more apparent that I’m not their target demographic. While I’ll very likely continue reading the Globe and Mail online, I’m starting to question my paid subscription.

That said, I still want to get a physical paper delivered to my door on the weekends (and only the weekends; I simply don’t have time to read a newspaper during the week — I stick to mostly online news during the week and use the weekend to take my time with the longer, more in-depth pieces which don’t always make it online). And, while I should probably support local media, I’m not particularly interested in an Edmonton Journal/Sun subscription. I’d prefer to subscribe to a national paper.

That pretty much leaves me with one other choice, if I don’t want to pay for the Globe — the National Post[1].

Now, I know the Post leans far more to the right than the Globe and Mail, so I may find myself disagreeing with its columnists and editorial bent, but that’s OK. It’s good to read opinions that differ from my own. And if the quality of the news itself is on par (or better), it might be worth a switch. It’s also a fair bit less expensive, but I suspect the paper is smaller, so it’s not an apples to oranges comparison.

That said, I don’t know enough about the National Post to be able to accurately compare it to the Globe and Mail. Most likely, I’ll buy a copy from the newsstand for a week or two and read the two papers alongside one another to get a sense of which I prefer. But I thought I’d also put the question to my readers: which is Canada’s best national newspaper? Which should I subscribe to, keeping in mind that I’ll only be getting a weekend subscription?

Which is the better Canadian national newspaper?

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[1] Arguably, the National Post isn’t a national newspaper, since it’s no longer available in Atlantic Canada, but it’s the closest thing to a national competitor for the Globe and Mail.