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Personal goals for 2017

I promised to write about some of my less important goals for 2017. I’ve already written about the big three: to be a better father, a better husband and a better person. But I also have other goals. I’m reluctant to call them resolutions, because that almost seems like I’d be setting myself up to fail. After all, who ever sticks to their New Year’s Resolutions?

Let’s call them goals, then.

These goals can be broken down into two categories: physical and technological.

Physical goals

I’ve spent a good portion of the past month in pain. My back, which may be injured from auto accidents or scoliosis or from something else entirely, has been causing me serious pain for several weeks. Last night it was agonizing. I slept very little as a result and decided that something needs to change.

I suspect this pain can be managed better if I am more physically active. I already walk to work everyday.This is a great start, but I need to do more. Specifically, I need to do things that will strengthen my back. Swimming is the big one. I need to swim more often.

I really enjoy going to the pool, and live just a few blocks from a big, city recreation centre. My goal is to go swimming at least once a week.

Ideally, this will involve doing some lane swimming (i.e., actual exercise) but it will also include going to the pool with my family (which isn’t swimming so much as bobbing around the pool making sure my daughter has fun and doesn’t drown).

I also want to get outside more. This won’t necessarily help my back. I just want to spend more time being active outdoors. If I can find a good deal on cross country skis, maybe we could take up the sport this winter. There’s plenty to do outdoors in the winter, it’s just a matter of actually doing it instead of hiding inside for months on end.

Technological goals

As I wrote previously, I’ve recently switched from a Windows operating system to one based on GNU+Linux. I plan to stick with the free and open source operating system and delete my Windows partition altogether in a few months, I haven’t had a need to boot into Windows. This will free up a lot of space on my hard drive and really commit me to the GNU+Linux experience. Since I’m not a gamer, I don’t foresee a need to keep Windows, but want to wait a few months just to be sure.

I also plan to be smarter about my privacy online. I knowingly provide a lot of personal information to large corporations like Facebook and Google. I will continue to do so, because I find value in the services I get in exchange for my information. But I’m also going to be more careful about when and where I give up that information.

Toward this end, I’ve already started using Startpage and DuckDuckGo as my main search engines.

I’ve also committed to writing more on this blog and posting less on Facebook (though I will likely post links to many, if not all, of my blog posts on Facebook). This will mean I own my writing, rather than it being just another bit of user-generated content for Facebook to profit from.

Of course, if I share it on Facebook, they may still profit from it, but at least it’ll live on this site instead of their servers. I’ll be doing my own small part to support the open web, by maintaining my own website rather than dumping everything into Facebook’s walled garden. It’s a small act of resistance, but I think it’s important.

2 thoughts on “Personal goals for 2017

  1. These are great resolutions, Adam. I’ve been thinking about my own resolutions and this was a good prompt to perhaps put pen to paper. I’m sorry to hear your back has been giving you such grief. I recently discovered a pain miracle– Advil night time. Holy crap. It’s sleep and pain relief. Stupid me didn’t realize there is a small amount of caffeine in the standard ibuprofen tab that I would normally battle any aches or pains with. So yeah, one of my new years resolutions might be me becoming addicted to pain killers….(I kid, I kid).

    If you want a cross country skiing buddy plus infant add-on, do let me know. I have to get new boots, but otherwise, I’ve got everything else. There are trails out here at the golf course and the park too, if you’re ever interested in a day trip when it gets warmer.

    1. I’ll definitely let you know about cross-country skiing. I may look into renting a set or two from MEC, to figure out what works well for me before buying. I think they allow you to apply the rental cost toward a purchase if you end up buying the item, which is handy.

      Thanks for the tip about the Advil night time. I’m on prescription meds at the moment, but I’ll keep that in mind for the future.

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