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It’s been a while

It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything. I want to change that. I think I might challenge myself to 30 days of blogging again, as I did a while back.

It won’t always result in stellar posts, but it’ll at least get me back in the habit.

So I’ll do it. Not 30 days, exactly, but every weekday for the month of September. I might post on the weekends, as well, but I tend not to open my computer on those days and drafting blog posts on my phone isn’t ideal, even with the aid of the official WordPress Android app.

Anyway, I’m going to try posting regularly. Likely, this will mean a mix of personal diary entry type stuff — the old school of blogging — and some of the more political and/or newsy stuff that I had been posting last year.

Let’s see how long this experiment lasts…

Post less, blog more

Yesterday, I saw this blog post, On Tweeting (Instead of Writing), come across my Mastodon timeline. I’ve lost track of who shared it, so I can’t credit them, but it got me thinking that I should apply the same rule on Mastodon (actually, the “rule” is from another blog post by the same author, referenced in the previous one). If I need two or three toots to communicate my point, I should probably write a blog post instead. After all, I can always share a link to the blog post with the fediverse (see also: fediverse.party).

I think the rule that two to three messages should be a blog post instead applies even more to Mastodon and other federated social media, since the character limit is longer than on Twitter. On Mastodon, you get 500 characters by default. On Pleroma, postActiv and GNU Social you get 1,000 or more characters by default. That’s easily 100-200 words, which is enough for a short blog post. This post, for example, is only 168 words.