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A love letter to the people of Edmonton

John Richardson loves Edmonton. That’s the obvious impression one gets when reading his essay “Acting As If.”

This city is absolutely bursting with imagination, and, perhaps to a similar extent, is filled with profound social vision.  And the most powerful force in Edmonton right now is an unusual urgency in many citizens, from regular working people right up to the Mayor and Council to behave every day As If their dreams for their homes, their neighbourhoods, and their city were Reality.

Really, like so many of us are starting to do, what Richardson realizes is that it’s the attitude of the people here that makes Edmonton great. People in the city do—and probably always have—live as if Edmonton is a bigger city than it is, as if we’re worthy of more than we are, as if anything is possible. And, by acting as if they already are, those things become true.

I can’t possibly do justice to Richardson’s piece, so I suggest you head over to his site and read the whole thing.