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A love letter to Edmonton’s poetry scene

I recently received an email from Ben Dextraze asking my consent to use a portion of a YouTube video I’d posted years ago (in which I’m performing with the Raving Poets) in a short film he’d produced. He gave me a link and password to the private video. I watched it, loved it and immediately gave my permission.

The clip isn’t in the version of the video I’ve embedded below, because Ben is still collecting all of the permissions he needs to publish the version I’ve seen, but the core of the video is there. “Edmonton’s Poetics” features interviews with people I’ve known for many years, some of whom I’d even called mentors (though they probably didn’t know it), talking about Edmonton’s poetry scene.

I haven’t been active in the scene for quite some time, but Ben’s video has reminded me how much energy Edmonton’s poetry community has. Maybe I should start putting myself out there again.

Edmonton’s Poetics from Iconochasm Media on Vimeo.